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A different meetup--for Movable Type

The Movable Type front page links to http://movabletype.meetup.com/.

Meetup shows its usual brilliance for venue selection here too: Westgate Lanes, Book People, and TGI Fridays are the options. 2nd Mondays of the month.

I can't see that much point in a separate meetup for MT users and bloggers, but this was linked from the movabletype.org website, so it's quite possible that it will capture new meeter-uppers. It's quite possible this won't reach critical mass in Austin, but if it does, perhaps we should send a delegate.

Meetup is a great concept, but it needs to be more bottom-up.


I just took the step of signing up for both the Austin MT Meetup and the Austin LiveJournal Meetup. Not that I'm switching to MT or LJ, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to say hi and post a friendly pointer back to AustinBloggers and Austin Stories.

The LiveJournal folks seem to have an active Meetup scene going. I hope the JournalCon folks are already doing outreach there.

As for the MT Meetup, I think I'm the only Austin member so far; if a link to AustinBloggers nips that redundant effort in the bud I won't shed any tears.

Wow, that actually combines spam and insults! I think that's a first for comment-spam. Too bad I just deleted your links.