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Meetup Venues for 2007

In the time-honored tradition of the Austin blogging community, we met last night at Triumph Cafe and those present decided the meetup venues for the coming year. They are:

  • Jan: Azul Tequila
  • Feb: Genuine Joe's Coffeeshop
  • Mar: Mozart's
  • Apr: Dairy Queen on Burnet
  • May: Cafe Mundi
  • Jun: Thunderbird
  • Jul: Clementine
  • Aug: Jo's on 2nd
  • Sep: Opal Divine's @ Penn Field
  • Oct: Epoch Coffeeshop
  • Nov: Cafe Caffeine
  • Dec: Triumph Cafe

If you use iCal, you can subscribe directly to the AustinBloggers' meetup calendar, complete with links to Google Maps


Thanks, Adam. In the next day or two, I'll get these loaded in the database so they appear in the "Upcoming Events" section of the homepage.