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We lived and died by our blogs

The Austin Bloggers were featured in an Austin American-Statesman article published today. Omar Gallaga, writer for the Statesman (and local blogger), did an article on the vitality of blogging. He visited our February get-together to find out what's happening with Austin bloggers.

Like any community, the Austin blogging world has gained and lost members. At a recent Wednesday night meeting of local bloggers at Genuine Joe Coffeehouse, fewer than a dozen gathered writers talked about twitter.com, an increasingly popular site that tells people what you're doingat any given moment. One newcomer, a real estate blogger, expressed interest in getting an East Austin video project going with local contributors.

While some of the faces have changed, many of the big-picture discussions are the same as they were in the early days of the local blogging movement: How do we build community? How do we use these tools to change the world? What does the future hold?

The article concludes that blogging may be cooling off as a fad, but people still want to—and continue to—write online.

Read the full article here.