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Austin Bloggers Typepad Issue

Typepad users currently are unable to post entries to Austin Bloggers. If you are a Typepad user, contact their support department for assistance.

Multiple Austin Bloggers users have reported this problem. At least one Austin Blogger user has been in contact with the Typepad support department regarding this issue.

The symptom of the problem is that you log into the Austin Bloggers portal to post an entry, submit your entry, but the posting fails with an error that says:

URL verification failed: Operation timed out with 0 out of -1 bytes received.

The reason for the problem is that the Austin Bloggers portal tries to verify that the URL you submitted is valid. It does this by trying to retrieve the web page with your blog entry. If successful, your posting is accepted. Your posting would be denied if the web server either: 1) returns an error or 2) fails to respond within ten seconds.

The Typepad servers, unfortunately, are not responding within 10 seconds. My tests show that they take as long as 30-60 seconds for the URL verification to complete.

Until this problem is resolved, Typepad users probably will not be able to post to the Austin Bloggers portal.


I'm seeing posts coming in from Typepad users so I think the problem is cleared now. Yay! Thanks, Typepad.

WOOHOO! This issue is resolved. I just added my typepad blog, TexasRealtyBlog.com! Not sure if you or the readers were aware of this fix.

The past time I was able to post was August 16th, so I guess the issue is back. That's too bad. :-)

Dang it! The problem is back! I had been able to post again, but now ... no such luck. What is the deal??? There's got to be more than a few of us TypePad posters! Help!