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Trackback Disabled

Trackback submissions to the metablog have been disabled. If you don't know what "trackback" means then don't worry, this probably doesn't apply to you.

The original Austin Bloggers site supported posting only by trackback: a capability found in most blog packages and made popular by Movable Type. Later, a portal login was added so that people could compose and submit entries through a form. Even later, the submission form was enhanced so you could pull the RSS feed from your blog and easily post an entry from that.

The trackback mechanism is subject to abuse, and nearly all of the metablog trackback submissions are spam. The spam entries are suppressed from the main page, but they are causing problems in the RSS feed. The spam posts appear as "has been removed" entries in RSS.

The trackback spam has grown to be a major annoyance and action was required. I could do some computer science heroics to prevent it, but, I don't think many people are using trackback anymore.

If you wish to continue to post metablog entries via trackback then contact me and I will set up a private URL that you may use. As of this moment, trackback posting should be considered deprecated, and may be removed completely depending on feedback from the community.


Thanks for the note and the action chip.

I had been using the trackback, but didn't know that the RSS option existed.

Thanks for the heads up, Chip. I use the RSS feature.

YAY! Even though I don't post much to Austinbloggers nowadays, I do check the feed, and all the spam posts/removed posts were aggravating.

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