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Austin Blog Day

The first Austin Blog Day is coming. This is an event so big, so exciting, it cannot fit into just 24 hours. Everybody in Austin who blogs (or journals) is invited to participate.

Blog Day runs Sunday, Feb 23 through Monday, Feb 24 The topic for Blog Day is What to do with Four Spare Hours in Austin. To participate, sometime during the 48 hours of Blog Day post an article to your weblog about the chosen topic. Then, submit your article for listing here, on the Austin Meta-Blog.

Here is some help on how to list an article on the Meta-Blog. It's all quite easy.

  • If your blogging tools support trackback ping (such as Movable Type), then just have them send a ping to: http://www.austinbloggers.org/cgi-bin/postping
  • If your blogging tools do not do trackback (such as Blogger), then use our manual form to submit your entry.

And Happy Blog Day to everybody.


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