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Zero Tolerance

The abuse by real estate bloggers is going to stop.

In the past week, I've removed six real estate blogs from the portal for violating the guidelines of this site. I intend to remove on sight any real estate blog (or, for that matter, any non-personal blog) that violates the guidelines.

Austin Bloggers is a community for personal bloggers. It is not a venue for advertising or business networking. If that's what you are here for, then please go find a more appropriate forum.

If you blog on behalf of a business or an organization and you wish to participate, that's fine. It would, however, behoove you to familiarize yourself completely with the guidelines, and to act as a polite guest.

If you notice any inappropriate posts, please feel free to send email to webmaster at austinbloggers.org.


Thanks! When buying one house and selling another last year the blogs about the general real estate market in Austin were quite appreciated. But the ad posts this year have been out of control. Chip - thanks for fixing the problem. Realtors - please go back to the useful, ad-free posts of last year.

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